SENSE OF BEING in the hotel Trattnig


Sanotherm – the heated water treatment table for cosmetic body packs and bathes

Algae packs
for purification and strengthens the connective tissue. Moisturize the skin.
The skin will be smooth and firm.

25 min

Euro 34,00

Stimulates the metabolism and increases the blood flow.
Purifys, smoothes and firms the skin.

25 min

Euro 36,00

Body packs with scented massage oil
The skin feels soft and smooth and looks recovered.

Oil Relaxing – for relaxation
Oil Energizing – for a new drive and vitality
Oil Balancing – for rest and harmony

25 min

Euro 32,00



Symphonyspha – a bath that gives your body a treat

Algae bath
Purifys and revitalises the skin. Provides intensive moisture.

(extra charge for a 2nd person: Euro 7,00)

20 min

Euro 25,00

Aroma bath

Aroma bath Relaxing Relaxing, reduces stress, maintains the skin and has a sweet smell.

Aroma bath Energizing Revitalises, refreshes the skin, generates fresh energy and has a sweet smell.

Aroma bath Balancing Brings your body in balance and has a sweet smell.

(extra charge for a 2nd person: Euro 7,00)

30 min

Euro 27,00

Milk bath

Relaxes, refreshes the skin and provides a silky skin feeling.

(extra charge for a 2nd person: Euro 7,00)

20 min

Euro 25,00

Pampering bath for two in a aroma bath
(Relaxing, Energizing, Balancing) with relaxation at a waterbed afterwards

1 Std

Euro 50,00

Sunbathing on a waterbed (browning in the sun)
15 min sunbathing and 15 min relaxing


Euro 9,00

Wellness offer - aroma bath with massage afterwards
Choose one of our aroma baths and give your body a treat from our masseuse Christine

1 Std

Euro 45,00





SENSE OF BEING at the hotel Trattnig



Classic massage
25 min  25,–
50 min  45,–


Special spine

Subcutaneous honey reflexology

60 min  50,–

Cupping or Gua Sha
25 min € 25,-

Foot reflexology

with treatment on shoulder, neck and head

Supports blood circulation and aktivates the self-healing process of organs
60 min  50,–


Manual lymphatic drainage after Dr. Vodder

Increases the lymphatic circulation and stimulates the metabolism
60 min  50,–


Treatment of scars

With the suppression of the scar the skin functions and the regenerating process become more effective.
60 min  50,–


Lomi Lomi

Supports the life energy, relives tensions of the muscles and the mind, and mobilizes the joints
80 min  75,–



Abhyanga - from top to toe

Starting with constitutional diagnosis (Doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha) the body will be oiled with warm oils to redress the balance of the Doshas and to activate self-healing
60 min  50,–


Gharsana & Upanahsveda - Spine

Starting with a dry massage using a natural wild silk glove, the body will be peeled to relax the spine
60 min  50,–


Mukhabhyanga - face

Head, face and decolleté get relaxed
25 min  25,–


Nabhi - belly
A abdominal massage relieves the belly and the digestive organs
25 min  25,–

Padabhyanga - feet

Pleasant massage of the feet and the lower legs
25 min € 25,-




Children's massage
20 min  25,–


Foot reflexology for children
Helps against unsettledness and digestive discomfort and supports the immune system.
20 min  25,–