Sagamundo in our hotel



With special sound effects the fairy Fauna and the goblin Hermelin acompanied us through their stories! Magical tones from special instruments combined with voices led the audience to a fairy world. A few people became performer themselfs!

Thank you a lot for the "SAGENHAFTEN" evening!





We were very pleased to meet the commune Weiler/Rems, the partner commune of Radenthein

On Friday evening, town mayor Michael Maier, councillor Werner Trattnig und councillor Silvia Wirnsberger held a reception.


© Bernhard Poppernitsch



Certificated with the Qualitätsgütesiegel des Landes Kärnten.


Dear guests,


at the 14th of November 2012 we get awarded with the Kärntner Qualitätssiegel, a quality certificate of the Carinthian government.

What does this mean exactly?

The Kärntner Qualitätssiegel is an award for highly motivated entrepreneurs, who implement the requirements of the tourism-quality-initiative with great commitment.


We are very proud of this award!